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RIFT 4.3 – Crucia’s Claw NOW LIVE. Rise up and take the war to Crucia! RIFT 4.3 – Crucia’s Claw, the newest update to Trion’s critically acclaimed fantasy MMORPG, introduces a new 10-player raid that pits the Ascended against Crucia’s deadliest warriors and most cunning generals, as well as a brand new Soul: the Mystic Archer, a mystical marksman that specializes in putting out ...

<p>No trials, no tricks, and no traps. <em>RIFT</em> … There was a time when Trion swore that RIFT was a subscription game worth paying for and that free-to-play was not in the books. That stance has since changed amidst a market being oversaturated with countless free-to-play titles flooding out of every corner imaginable. Free-To-Play MMO Gets Pay-To-Play Server Other free-to-play MMORPG devolopers should definitely take note of Rift Prime. It sounds like an excellent way to reward the most dedicated players. It might take a bit of work and a lot of money but hey, they can always sell more goofy crap to the free-to-play folks. Free-to-play MMO Rift is adding a new subscription server... |… MMO Rift went free-to-play in 2011, opening its gates to more players but also ushering in loot boxes and a store packed with items you could buy with realAfter a long think (and no doubt influenced by player pushback against microtransactions), developer Trion Worlds is going back to its roots by...

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Free to play. Rift recently went free to play, although not entirely. Players can make an account, and play for free with no race or class restrictions whatsoever, aside from the new "classes" add in the games recent expansion, Storm Legion. However, in RIFT Lite, players may only advance to level 20, at which point their XP growth is capped. How Free-to-Play is RIFT? Reviews - How Free-to-Play is Since RIFT's change to free-to-play, everyone is able to create an account, download the client and play without being charged. Yes (optional) – -15%. Despite the introduction of a free-to-play option, there are still remaining several different subscription options, including automatically recurring monthly, 3 … Free-to-play MMO Rift is adding a new subscription server

Free-to-play MMO Rift is adding a new subscription server ...

On June 12th is when players can expect to play RIFT for free. But what exactly will we get in a free RIFT? Half of all the content? Free-To-Play MMO Gets Pay-To-Play Server Two years after it launched in 2011, fantasy Mmorpg Rift went free-to-play. Now developer Trion Worlds is bringing back subscriptions with Rift Prime, a brand-new server with sequential progression and a lot less free-to-play nonsense. Play VR Mmorpg 'OrbusVR' on Rift for Free This Weekend – Road

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