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BasilMarket How do you unlock pocket slot? thread First you must have Level 30 Charm. Some character classes start out at that level, most classes you have to raise your Charm to 30. When you achieve 30 Charm you will receive a quest from "BigHeadward" in the Henesys Hair Salon. You have to bring him a Rose Clipping (found from harvesting herbs) and he will reward you with the Pocket Slot. how can i open the Pocket slot? : Maplestory - reddit This farming is pretty rng with a semi-low chance to drop. Once you get the rose clipping, he will unlock pocket slot for you. Occasionally, events will feature an item to unlock the pocket slot for you, though that can be pricy in terms of event currency (coins and such). [Reboot] How to unlock pocket slot? : Maplestory - reddit limit my search to r/Maplestory. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: ... Just to make sure. ... [Reboot] How to unlock pocket slot? (self.Maplestory) submitted 2 years ago by getshum. Hello all. I just can't figure it out. Everywhere I go says to talk to the salonist in heny but he doesnt give me a quest. So I cant get ... how to get pocket slots maplestory -

Trusted maplestory pocket slot quest reboot Mesos SellersMapleStory2. Лучшие Онлайн Казино24 Apr 2017 .. As I recall, around the time that Reboot came out, most people who .. We now get 8 character slots on each world for a brand new account.Maplestory how many pocket slots | Best games maplestory pocket slot quest reboot free ...

MapleStory M Launches in SEA as of 25 July - Best In Slot So it’s no surprise that Nexon, MapleStory’s game developer and publisher, decided to invest in developing a mobile version of the all-time favourite MMORPG, MapleStory. In the past we’ve had a few MapleStory, or at least MS-themed mobile games. Such as Monster Life, Pocket Maplestory but these had rather short lifespans. Get a Permanent Pendant Slot in the Improved Philosopher’s ... Get a Permanent Pendant Slot in the Improved Philosopher’s Book! Use this coupon to permanently increase the number of pendant slots in your Equip inventory. Now you will be able to equip 1 additional pendant! In addition, we’ve made several improvements to the reward lists to provide you with a better chance to get the valuable items that you want.

Pocket MapleStory: Add Friends Who Play Daily Game Friends will help you to clear hard levels by suggesting simple tricks, you can also request bonusMaple story is a game of people from around the world coming together to forge a course as they fight different battles for each other, killing beast...

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Kill Zak and normal ht everyday make sure to equip the Zhelm and pendant to get charm I think ht pendant give like 60 and Zak helm give 30 ...

Forums – You are going to be able to take the search to unlock your pocket slot upon reaching popularity level 30! You're asked if you'd like to draw two cards.