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The Southern Baptist Convention and the Issue of Interdenominational ... 16 Jul 2009 ... The question of Southern Baptist involvement in ecumenical .... r II, new urgencies called for a restatement of the Convention's stance on union. Not bluffing | WORLD News Group 18 Oct 2013 ... (Duke believes poker qualifies as gambling because “the turn of the card determines ... The National Association of Evangelicals and the Southern Baptist ... from his position in order to focus on character and spiritual growth. Fort Worth anti-LGBTQ pastor used prostitutes, pastor says | Fort Worth ...

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Current Issues - Gambling On a societal level, compulsive gambling costs an estimated $6 billion per year, according to a study by the National Council on Problem Gambling. - Official Blog of K. Allan Blume

Governor Steve Beshear’s plans for legalized casino gambling in Kentucky were foiled in part by Southern Baptists. (Photo credit: World News) As debate surged in Kentucky on whether to invite casino gambling into the Commonwealth, a coalition of Christian churches and organizations led by a Southern Baptist pastor and professor stood as the greatest obstacle to Governor Steve Beshear’s

Baptists take aim at issues on ballot<br>Preachers deliver ... Throughout Oklahoma, Southern Baptist preachers asked congregations Sunday to dig a bit deeper in their pockets.The request wasn't unusual, but the reason ... Southern Baptists affirm alcohol, drug abstinence Southern Baptists affirm alcohol, drug abstinence--By Dwayne Hastings ATLANTA, June 15--Southern Baptists expressed overwhelming support for a lifestyle of ... Gambling - Wikipedia The Catholic Church holds the position that there is no ... Confession, the Southern Baptist ... forms of gambling involves betting on horse or ...

Independent Baptist churches operate many Bible schools, colleges, and seminaries. Most are small institutions, running from 25 to 200 students, but some, such as Crown College in Powell, Tennessee, and West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California, are fairly large. Independent Baptist churches frequently operate their own Bible institutes.

For many years now, the people of the churches of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) have long been known as teetotalers. Many churches use church covenants containing an anti-alcohol phrase like “We will abstain from the use and sale of alcohol as an intoxicating drink.” So, by tradition, the people of the SBC do not drink.